Health & Safety App info

For Exhibitors 

This is a detailed guide to assist you in adding Blerter to your phone, the basic steps you need to follow are below:

  • Download the Blerter app from either the App store or Google Play store

  • Open Blerter on your device and ‘enable location services and notifications

  • Enter the email address you have received this email on – it is important that you DO NOT create a new account.

  • Your default password has been emailed to you.

You have already been added to the Sika Show project and when you arrive at the venue you will be prompted by the app to check in to the event. This means we know that you are onsite, but you will still need to register with the team to get your information.

Take the time to This User Guide before your arrival so we can work towards being a safer event for all involved.