Competition Rules

Competition Rules Sika Show 

If you are entering Heads in the 2019 Sika Show competition, please read the following rules carefully and keep them in mind for your entry. Please note… these rules have been updated since last year. 
  1. All entries must be received by 3.00pm on the Saturday of the event at the Sika Show Competition registration desk in Marquee #2 at the back of the venue.
  2. Entries must be in the name of the hunter who killed the animal.
  3. All entries must be left on display for the two days of the competition and collected directly after the prize giving with the head registration tag provided on entry unless arrangements have been made prior.
  4. All fees (where applicable) must be paid in full.
  5. To be eligible for the top three prizes in the Sika Open section, the jaw MUST be supplied with the head (entries without the jaw are still eligible for the random drawn prizes).
  6. Eligible period for entry is twelve months preceding the competition.
  7. Entries will not be accepted from people with a poaching conviction.
  8. Animals must be free range and taken with the landowner’s or landowner representative’s permission.
  9. The applicant will need to produce a signed declaration of land owners’ or his/her representative’s consent. (eg., DOC hunting permit; Helisika Permit, letter/email from landowner).
  10. A photo of the animal when taken to include the habitat and surrounding features needs to be supplied.
  11. The competition organisers retain the right not to accept any entry if they so choose, no correspondence will be entered into, and the organisers decision will be final.
  12. All heads and jaws need to be clean of meat and have no offensive smells.
  13. All entries must have been shot with either a firearm or a bow or stuck with a knife.
  14. A hole will be drilled in the skull to identify the head.
  15. DNA samples may be taken for identification purposes.
  16. All Sika entries must be 6 points or over.
  17. Judges choice is at the discretion of the judges. (The judge’s choice is for a head that represents the characteristics of the species. Not necessary the highest Douglas score).
  18. Red deer entries not taken on public land must be entered in the Estate section.
  19. An entry fee of $50 for one or multiple heads is required to be paid prior to the show.
  20. There is no charge for entering Sika hind jaws.
  21. Hunters & Habitats members do not need to pay the $50 entry fee. Just email us directly if you are a member and want to enter.
  22. A copy of the rules will be posted at the Sika Competition registration desk on the day of the competition.
  23. You or your proxy must be present to win drawn prizes.
  24. Contestants need to sign a declaration stating they have read the competition rules, understand them and agree to abide by them. This will be a tick box on the online form.
  25. Contestants who fail to comply with the above terms will be banned from future entries into the competition and show.
  26. All decisions shall be final, and no correspondence will be entered into.
  27. Sika Show Ltd reserves the right to amend or change conditions and rules of the Sika Competition.