Charity Support

Since its beginnings the Sika Show has supported charities in various forms and behind the scenes has done so year upon year. From 2017 onwards this has taken a more official format. Each year, we will offer a support package and a platform for fundraising to one main charity. The charity will be selected through recommendation from our outdoor community.If you know of a charity that you would like us to support in coming years, or have any ideas, then we would love to hear from you. Email us!


In 2018 we supported the NZ Tahr Foundation and the Gary Ramsay Charitable Trust.


Reel Recovery New Zealand is a charity that facilitates fly fishing retreats for men with cancer. The retreats are run over three days with all the costs being met by Reel Recovery including fishing gear, accommodation and food. During the event the participants get to experience New Zealand fly fishing whilst being guided by their very own fishing guide. The retreat allows the budding fly fisherman to meet and talk to others on a similar journey which from feedback from the participants has a huge value in terms of support through shared experience. The Retreats are based in the North Island but plans are afoot to hold one annually in the South Island.

What is a Reel Recovery Retreat?

In a nut shell – a weekend of fly fishing and camaraderie for men with cancer. Though only a few days in duration, a Reel Recovery retreat can be a life-changing event for men battling cancer. The program blends outdoor activity with directed conversations to create a unique environment conducive to relaxed, open interactions. The program is designed to be both experiential and reflective, to develop group camaraderie as well as individual skills, and to build bonded friendship that provides a reservoir of personal hope. This is a special weekend of support, reflection and adventure.

For an idea of what a retreat involves – please watch this video.

How do I apply? 

Please complete the online Application Form found here (and select the correct NZ retreat) or contact for more information.

To become a supporter of Reel Recovery New Zealand and make a donation please contact
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