Photographic Rules

Sika Competition – Photographic Rules

 If you are entering the Photographic Competition at the 2016 Sika Show, please read these rules carefully and keep them in mind for your entry:

  1. Judges reserve the right to accept photographs in the photographic section. Photographs become the property of Sika Show Limited for the purpose of promoting the Sika Competition and hunting in general. The photographer retains ownership of the image.
  2. Only one entry per section allowed.
  3.  All entries must be supplied as a JPEG
  1. All entries must be received the 1st of September either by submitting them online or by emailing your entry to
  1. Entry in the photographic competition is free with proof of purchase of Sika Show entry ticket.
  1. Competition period is from the Sunday of the previous Sika Competition to the 1st of September prior to the competition.
  2. Sika Show Limited reserves the right to amend or change conditions and rules of the Sika Competition.
  1. All decisions shall be final and no correspondence will be entered into.
  1. Photographic sections include:
    BIRDS- any image capturing the life of NZ birds in the wild- both native and introduced, land or sea.
    GAME ANIMALS- any wild animal (alive) photographed in its natural environment- from small game such as rabbits to big game species worldwide.
    HUMAN INTEREST- any photograph depicting the activity, involvement or interaction of people in the outdoors.SCENIC- any image of New Zealand’s amazing scenic beauty- forests, mountains, lakes, beaches, rivers etc.
    GAME CAMERA- any wild animal (alive) photographed in its natural environment
    FLORA or FAUNA – in New Zealand
    SIKA – any wild Sika (alive) photographed in its natural environment
    To enter the Photographic Competition online, click here…