2015 Results

Winner D/S
Sika - Highest Douglas Score Chris Third 211.375
Sika - 2nd Highest Douglas Score Brenton Giddens 199.5
Sika - 3rd Highest Douglas Score Andrew Philpott 198.125
Sika - 4th Highest Douglas Score Glenn Hallett 230.625
Sika - 5th Highest Douglas Score Chris Gubb 200.625
Sika - Judges Choice Jason Galloway
People choice for best Sika head in show Sven Hoffman
Sika - Most Unusual Head Dion Richards
Most Sika Hind Jaws Andrew Philpott
Sika -Closest to 175 D/S Neil Philpott 174.875
Sika- Closest to 165 D/S Jane Dunkerley 165.875
Sika - Average D/S on DOC land with permit Jordon Mackie 142.625
Womans- Highest D/S Sika Kimiora Atkins 183.125
People choice for best head in show (Public) Ken Horton
Random draw from Sika entries James Bold
Random draw from all entries Josh Lang
Hybrid Red / Sika - Highest Douglas Score Phillip Ward 283.5
Woman - Highest D/S not Sika or Red Linda Staff 209.75
All Species / Bow - Highest Douglas Score Gene Gray 100.75
Wild Sheep - Highest Douglas Score Andrew Gardner 87.5
Undrawn Tusks Gene Gray
Drawn Tusks Harvey Marshall
Tahr- Highest Douglas Score Kerry Foreman 41.5
Chamois - Highest Douglas Score Regan Calder 26.5
Goat - Highest Douglas Score Annie Ireland 110.25
Sambar - Highest Douglas Score Taine Brown 212.625
Rusa - Highest Douglas Score Chris Philpott 156.875
Fallow - Highest Douglas Score Chris Gubb 249.5
Photographic - Scenic 1st Tamas Tinnyei
Photographic - Scenic 2nd Andrew Clark
Photographic - Game Animals 1st Dylan Higgison
Photographic - Game Animals 2nd Sarah Harris
Photographic - Human Interest 1st Luke Care
Photographic - Human Interest 2nd Barry Mexted
Photographic - Birds 1st Sarah Harris
Photographic - Birds 2nd Vern Pearson
Photographic - Game Camera 1st Richard Cash
Photographic - Game Camera 2nd Alexander Squires
Photographic - Flora & Fauna 1st Dylan Higgison
Photographic - Flora & Fauna 2nd Brian Whitton
Photographic - Sika 1st Brent Liddle
Photographic - Sika 2nd Tamas Tinnyei
Photographic - Best Overall in show Luke Care
Random Draw from Photographic entries Barry Mexted
Red Deer / Roaring - Open 1st Martin Reid
Red Deer / Roaring - Open 2nd Alex McGregor
Red Deer / Roaring - Woman 1st Elena Barker
Red Deer / Roaring - Junior 1st Connor Giltrap
Red Deer / Roaring - Junior 2nd K Parker - Munn
Sika / Roaring - Open 1st Brad Ramsay
Sika / Roaring - Open 2nd Jamie Munn
Sika / Roaring - Woman 1st Elena Barker
Sika / Roaring - Woman 2nd Sharni Worsop
Sika / Roaring - Junior 1st K Parker - Munn
Random Draw from roaring entries Katie Mitchell
Red Deer - Average Douglas Score Mike Barton 257.125
Red Deer - Estate / Non Public land Reece Cox 363.625
Red Deer - Judges Choice Mark Bradbury
Red Deer - Open - Highest Douglas Score Mitchell Shorthall 381.375
Red Deer - Open - 2nd Highest Douglas Score Buster Spray 363.375
Red Deer - Woman - Highest D/S Anna Cregoe 291.375
Red Deer - Highest Twelve pointer Kyle Mitchell
Red Deer - Closest to 320 D/S Ayden Conrad 320.375
Junior SCI Trophy Ayden Conrad
Junior - Highest D/S Non-Sika Josh Lang
Junior - Highest D/S Sika Sven Hoffman
Random draw from Junior entries Blake Bell
Online entries Mason Elliott
Online entries Chris Philpott
Duck Calling- Junior Holly Irvine
Duck Calling- Open 1st Sam Mander
Duck Calling- Open 2nd Hunter Morrow
Duck Calling- Open 3rd Geoff Irvine
Goose Calling- Junior Matthew Dean
Goose Calling- Open 1st Hunter Morrow
Goose Calling- Open 2nd Geoff Irvine
Goose Calling- Open 3rd Tony Dodds
Lucky Draw Travis Poulson